Saturday, 29 April 2017

Prime Overlord

Little painting I did this morning of Theresa May - current Prime minister of England. It's a study in gouache - The blue tone coming from Payne's Grey mixed in with the blacks, whites and greys on the palette. Corbyn in red anyone?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Palette Talk: Watercolour Palettes

I figured today I could share the palette I use for studio work to do watercolours. It's a Mijello 18 well folding palette. It's made of plastic, which is not quite as nice as using metal but significantly cheaper.  I also have a smaller tin that I carry around with me, I get a lot more use out of that one because it travels better.

Often this feels like far too many colours.  I've noted the photo with the pigments I use. There's no magic to that array, mostly personal preference. No black on there, I try to mix those from browns and dark blues. Basically I like these colours and I know how they mix with each other. They are mostly artist grade Winsor and Newton paints with the exception of Lavender (from Holbein).

The smaller tin below has a slightly different range. It's just one of those generic tins, got mine from Ken Bromley. You'll notice there's a small blob of Chinese White there that's been stuck on for ages - I barely use that.

It might seem expensive to keep these full of pigments but if you pick up just like a tube a week you get a ton of painting miles out of it.

So there we go, that's my palette for watercolour but oil, acrylic, gouache? - it's a whole different ball game. I use a lot more of a limited palette because of the medium... I'll save that for a future post.

Any questions just ask below but ultimately you should develop your own special connections to colours. You've gotta remember you can mix everything you need from just a, red, a yellow and a blue. Start with those.

Saturday, 22 April 2017



Just a little watercolour sketch of the Minerva pub in Hull's old town. I'm practicing buildings again amongst other things. Trying to find compositions in the urban landscape. Wouldn't expect to win any prizes for this one, honestly - my internal critic has been slamming me lately but have found I can fight that with more regular posting of quick stuff!

In this case I did the sketch as a thumbnail for a painting, when I moved on to doing a 'final' it was way tight. The second version was more technically accurate but had lost some of that carefree energy. You have to treat watercolour in a very simple and direct way. Lay a wash down, be patient enough to let it dry but move fast! don't dab at it. Take risks.. but it if you over-cook it anywhere it's spoilt. It's real fun and a constant puzzle. I gotta keep practicing and telling myself to keep it simple.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Red Pepper

This ink and watercolour sketch is now available as a print over here> on Redbubble (postcards, stickers, framed prints, all that good stuff :)

Bit of a lack of updates recently huh? well.. I'm devoting the whole month to working on some requests I can't show yet - just the way is and definitely not complaining. It's been cool, just focusing on fewer things over a longer period of time.

Anyways, appreciate the support! contact me for the original of this.


Always drawing.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

British Extracting Co. Ltd (with colour)

Trying to re-enhance some older sketches with digital ink and colour. I want nice clean, crisp images for print that still retain the qualities of the traditional linework.

edit: You can get a print or a postcard over > here on Redbubble, thanks!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Cowmen (with digital colour)

Testing out a little colour in Photoshop on the previous pencil sketch. Below are my flats which I include because I kinda like the simplicity of it. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017


Just some quick and dirty pencil sketches on a4 printer paper whilst listening to western music playlists on youtube. The gun makes me cringe so bad I nearly digitally erased it. Quite like the chap up left..